Friday, February 27, 2009

Brutus and Dodger battle it out

Couldn't resist, I know this probably has nothing with the construction of my work, but my cat Brutus rocks, so...

I have to admit, his fur and prints do end up all over the work; therefore, I had to include him at some point. Plus, he is as much a fan of canvas as I (more as a dietary attraction than tactile one but whose keeping track).

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Drawing on Canvas: 'Lead (stacked)'

Recently, I've come to realize the importance of transparency in one's own work, and in my own sort of tunnel vision mode, never realized how opaque my work is at times. Therefore... documentary style... here is the beginning. A series of samples to begin to visually articulate my ongoing (fluctuating) process; hopefully, to enhance the perceptions of tactility - no, a computer didn't make this - within the paintings/drawing.

all the best,
hope you enjoy... my obsession

Monday, February 16, 2009

Starting at the Beginning

Feeling like I should start the blog off here... in the interest of opening the search of 'Touch Structures', Matta Clark did a really good job of joining the manual aspect of making (or unmaking) things with an exploration of the materials he was working with. Throughout the video I am always struck by his familiarity of the structure of the house to the point of playfulness. Everyday I look for this ease in my own work.

and on the topic of beginnings, I have to point out the play at the start of the video, when the shot of the building becomes the photograph where he is figuring out his cuts. This technique of overlaying the design and marks of intention over the artifact influences the way I begin each piece.

more to come

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