Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Studio

showspace4 showspace3 So I moved; a year ago. It's the Hummer SUV of my last apartment. Bigger, bulkier, with 1/2 the gas mileage. Anyway, after not writing on this thing for almost two years, I thought I should check out the last post to see where should pick up again. To see how I write things down(pretty badly I see), but oddly enough the post was about rebuilding the studio to accommodate a particular project. To recapitulate, I was taking 90' roll of canvas in a particular setup(shown below) to explore marks and material effects on the vertical/horizontal, the floor/table that would goes though series of events as it sort of finished itself. If it sounds flimsy, it's because it never really happened, I got 7' into after a month of solid work, then the program changed...over and over again. This 'little' project kept going for about 18 months off and on. What I find humerous, but defeating, was that after all that time, I did the one thing which the parameters laid out sought to avoid. I turned it into a figure, I cropped it, then I stretched it... but at least I sold it. Here was the result, minus the blocks. IMG_6188