Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cast Gesture

Cast Gesture 6

This is a selected bunch of casts I have recently been working on using my body a mold. Photographed by Matthew Chavez, these works are negative spaces cast while holding a gesture/position during curing. These photos are the product of the video I posted earlier. I am most interested in these photo Matt made because when shown through photography the works become somewhat scaleless. The ambiguity of the size of the sculptures, in the context of tactility, allows the texture created from skin to shift the works into other types of materiality. Whether fossils, bones, or other artifacts, the multiple reading from the pieces is interesting in relation to process of making. Like I was trying to get at in the previous post, the process relies on not moving, holding a position no matter how strained or tenuous and peeling away the body.

Cast Gesture 1

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