Monday, August 17, 2009

27 steps: by Brad Boyd

Steps for successful pieces

1. Keep up with the latest trends, especially what's going on in the slightly underground clubs. 2. Use images that are in the collective unconscious 3. Don't use more than three images. 4. The piece must have a social component or make a comment on the current social atmosphere. 5. When making comments do it vaguely 6. Rely on the common perception of words and images. 6. At least two of the images must be in juxtaposition
7. Don't create original narratives. If you have a narrative, use one that is already in existence. In other words, reference some known event or story. 8. If humor is used, it should be dry. Something John Malcovich would laugh at. 9. It is preferable that one of the images has a chart, diagram, or graph. Something found in an instruction book. 10. Although there is a focus on familiarity of imagery, the overall effect of the images together should be unfamiliar. One should look at the familiar images in a new way. 11. Be aware of perception of the source material, but don't try to predict any one's exact response to the combination of images 12. Be defiant 13. Love yourself 14. Be one with the universe 15. Watch TMZ 16. Play that clip of Chrisitan Bale freaking out until it's not funny anymore 16. Colors have meaning, be aware of that 17. Don't look at other people's art work because you'll get jealous 18. Don't walk outside because you'll get jealous 18. Pretend that your a great artist 19. Pretend you have something to say 20. Pretend your a successful, confident man who's had 20 girlfriends. And you broke up with them. No matter what their friends say 21. Understand that you can come off a little creepy. 22. Don't always trust your first thought because seriously you're a little creepy 23. Don't become jealous of your pets, because that's just pathetic 24. Don't destroy your artwork 25. Make friends with somebody who has impressive dinner conversations 26. Learn from your mistakes 27. Don't think too much, it gets you in trouble

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