Sunday, March 8, 2009

Lead (stacked). Lines and Topography

Topography: I was struck earlier, mainly between what seemed to fit for the title of this little video. I was stuck between typography and topography. On one hand topography seemed obvious due to the angle of the camera and way each areas of drawn lines between the will be sewn pleats read as an undulating ground of some map, or the worn tears in dark stockings over skin. However, typography seemed more relevant to me, because each area of drawn lines has its own type. On the top left exists an arrangement of lines following the logic of lightly carefully drawn lines spaced as closely as possible, but on the middle right the lines are drawn fast and darker. The language is the same, but the articulation of the gestures evokes something different for each quadrant. Therefore, do I go with topography that relates to image, or typography which implies process and gesture? Luckily, for the youtube-blog combo I can squeeze out of this both, and have something to write about.

I'll post the finished image of this drawing on:

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